Enlarge your Penis with this Amazing Pill

Update!  Virility Ex No Longer Offers Free Trial! 

You can still get a 2 months supply for only $96.  It’s well worth it guys, go to their official site to order.

Many guys, including myself, suffer from having a small penis.  It’s not like we had any control over it, we can thank genetics for that.  Do you wake up in the morning and look down, feeling completely embarrassed and ashamed that your member is not as big as you want it to be?  Well, don’t be!

Their are plenty of guys in your position that have had a small penis and decided to finally do something about it!  Smart, successful guys know how to improve their virility and size, with a secret product called Virility Ex, the #1 male growth supplement on the market today.

Imagine the Confidence You Would Have With Women Again

The Virility Ex all natural male enhancement pills were developed several years ago by researchers testing various combination’s of herbs and supplements which cause penis enlargement. These scientific experts developed a winning formula using this proven combination, and backed it up with scientific studies.  The ingredients lead to a sustained erection and natural enlargement, which will increase your self confidence and get your dating life back on track!

Virility Ex

Virility Ex

I purchased the Virility Ex free trial about 6 months ago when I was running a search for an all natural male enhancement pill on the Internet. As you know from seeing some other products, their are several very effective penis enlargement pills on the market.  The question for me was, which one is the right one? Well, Virility ex sure was. 

What are the ingredients in Virility Ex?

The pills use a combination of yohimbe, maca, trimbulus, and a variety of other herbs that have been used for thousands of years for all natural male enhancement. Among other ingredients, Virility Ex contains Longjack, Catuaba, and horny goat (epimedium), which has been proven to have aphrodisiac (sexual stimulation) qualities.

How does Virility Ex get me Bigger?

It uses all of the above ingredients in combination to increase the blood flow to the penis after several uses, and create a natural erection which can last. It also creates the feeling of well being and sexual virility because of increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain, enhancing sensual experiences.   

Unlike the Majority of penile enlargement products, Virility Ex uses all natural ingredients to add natural length to your penis – without the use of harmful pumps or synthetic drugs like Viagra.

Is this free trial for real?

Absolutely, you should try this amazing product out, with a 100% risk free trial.  If it doesn’t work, you don’t even have to send it back, just throw it away and give them a call or email.  You will get a one months supply of Virility ex, as well as two e-books titled “The art of dating” and “Total Satisfaction Secrets”.

Online MembershipThis free trial is only $6.95 for shipping, and you can cancel anytime, completely risk-free within 2 weeks.  The free trial is delivered discreetly, so nobody can tell what you ordered. Also, your billing statement will only show up the name of the company, Market Health.

User Comments:

“I have been looking for a good male enhancement product for a long time and after trying your VirilityEx product I feel so much more confident now when I’m with women.”
user comment from main site, Bob, USA

“I have tried about 5 different male enhancement products and programs and never got any results. Then I decided to try yours and after only 1 month I already started noticing a difference.”
user comment from main site, Keith, UK

What else do I get when I order Virility Ex?

FREE Bonus #1 In addition to your order of pills, you will receive instantaneous access to their comprehensive penis enlargement program online, where you can get insider tips, read results and reviews from other users, get tips on increasing the size of your penis, and track your own results using the latest software.

Art of Dating 2000FREE Bonus #2 ($36 value)  “The art of dating” is a comprehensive guide to getting you more dates in less time.  With this 36 page, fact filled guide, you will learn the ropes of how to get women in bed fast.  Not only that, but it will give you great tips on getting that first date, and making her practically beg for more!

FREE Bonus #3 ($42 value) Once you have landed your first couple of dates, learn how to keep them satisfied with “Secrets Virility Ex bonusof total satisfaction”, a detailed guide of how to keep your woman coming back for more.  These instantly downloadable e-books are completely free of charge, and included with your order of Virility Ex.

Imagine A Better Sex Life, Only Days Away

So many people just read about male enhancement, BUT very few actually take charge and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Without giving it a try, you’ll never see the real benefits that Virility Ex has to offer.

90-day money back guarantee

They also have a 90-day money back guarantee, simply return your unopened bottle for a full refund.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products.  Policy details

Click here now to start your Free Trial

*Terms: Try product for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you can return it for a refund. Starting 30 days from your order date, you can request a new 30-day supply for FREE every month and only pay $14.95 s/p. For rebate eligibility, simply collect four free refills & complete rebate form.

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Virility Ex and Paraslim Force Review

My Story

Many popular blogs have been reporting amazing penis growth results by using two very unique products, Paraslim Force and Verility Ex. I came across these products while “browsing” through a porn site and stumbled upon a banner claiming to “grow your penis 4 inches in 4 weeks”. I decided to click through and what was presented to me seemed relatively legit, so i decided to order both of these products.

Paraslim Force Max

This product claims to give you a flatter, more defined stomach, lean muscular look, and help control food cravings. Because I am already pretty lean to begin with, I wasn’t too concerned with whether or not I would lose weight or get ripped, I wanted to see if it would grow my penis when using Paraslim Force in combination with Virility Ex. I ordered the free trial and got the supplements in a few days.

Virility Ex Cock Growth

This product claims to be an all natural male enhancement product that will increase the size of your penis in a matter of weeks. It does this by using thousand year old ingredients that are supposed to increase the amount of blood flow to the penis and enlarge it naturally. I ordered the free trial and got the pills a few days later.

What Happened Next?

I followed the instructions I found on the site I was talking about before, to the T and noticed a slight difference after about a week. I had gained 1/2 inch in size, and lost about 3 pounds. During this time, I did nothing different. No enlargement exercises, no pumps, no working out feverishly, I just took the Paraslim Force and Virility Ex cock growth.

This is What I looked Like Before


I took the Paraslim Force  and Virility Ex pills morning and evening and used at night, before bed. I read from several other blogs that it was important to take the pills with food, so I made sure that I did. I took the program very seriously and never skipped any pills.

Now you’ll probably agree — I look pretty average, right? Nothing really special here.

(I know this isn’t a great shot but have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself like this?)

2 Inches in 4 Weeks – And My Penis is Thicker Too!

afterI really couldn’t quite believe it. I had my before pic to compare to but still, this was a huge difference! I spent some time looking at myself in the mirror. My penis feels heavier now, meaty. And it looks natural too. There aren’t any crazy veins popping out or anything. It looks, and feels, perfectly normal.

Look at my muscles! Seriously, I didn’t have to do anything different. Can you believe this?

The best part is I was able to get hard faster and last even longer in bed.

So Does Using Paraslim Force and Verility Ex combined work?

I believe Paraslim force did help me lose weight and get ripped, and also felt that when used in combination with Virility ex it helped to grow my penis. Combining the two definetly helped me to achieve the results I was looking for, and got my penis about 2 inches bigger. It definitely made an impact on my sex life, as well as made me feel better about my performance in the bedroom. I would definitely recommend trying both of them out.

Click here to try Virility Ex Free

Click Here to try Paraslim Force Free

I hope it works for you too!  Be sure to leave me a comment if you decide to try it.

You can also check out this site i found, male enhancement reviews.  They have great reviews of quality male enhancement products.

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Virility Ex Male Growth

For the past decade their has been a resurgence of male enhancement pills to hit the market. Virility ex male growth pills came out about 3 years ago, amongst a huge popularity that was enhanced by the launch of such products like Enzyte, Extenze, Viagra, and Cialis. The difference between Virility Ex and all of these other wonder drugs, is that it is an all natural male enhancement pill, without any of the usual pharmaceutical drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

So what exactly can this all natural male supplement do for you? Well, besides being the number one product on the market, it has been scientifically proven to help you achieve a natural erection, without any of the unpleasant side effects. Side effects with some of the other pills mentioned earlier can sometime be worse than the actual affliction if you think about it. What it does is it increases blood and oxygen flow to the penis, to allow an all around enhanced sensual experience you won’t get with any other pill.

Virility Ex pills use a proven combination of extracts, including yohimbe, horny goat weed, and niacin, to promote long lasting erections and an overall enhanced feeling. This all natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years to enhance longevity, growth, stamina, and above all, pleasure in the bedroom. Thousands of men have already used Virility Ex, and over 90% have been satisfied with their purchase.

While it may not work for everyone, they are promoting a right now, so you can try risk free for 2 weeks to see if it is right for you. Take the plunge, and see if Virility ex cock growth can help you achieve an increased sexual libido and improve your sex life.

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Does Virility Ex Really Work?

So many men have tried countless penis enlargement pills and have had mixed results.  The question on a lot of men’s minds is Does Virility Ex Really Work?  In order to really answer this question, you can read some reviews and testimonials and see what kinds of results other men have received while taking Virility Ex.  One important thing to note is How exactly does this amazing pill increase your size by up to 2 inches?

Well, the first thing you have to note is how does penis enlargement actually work?  Like any other muscle, in order for it to get bigger, you need to work it out.  If you go to my penis enlargement guide, you’ll get tons of free advice on how to do this.

When used in conjunction with those exercises, as well as a sound diet, Virility Ex can work wonders for cock growth.  These pills work by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the penis, further enhancing growth, and making you an absolute BEAST in the bedroom.

The best thing about Virility Ex is once you place your special, discreet order, you will receive free access to their online penis enlargement program.  Here, you can track your results, speak with other users, get “hands on” insight into the latest and greatest tips on how to grow your penis dramatically, as well as place recurrent orders of Virility Ex.

You’ll also get access to two life altering dating books, “The art of dating in 2000″, plus “Secrets of Total Satisfaction”.  With these two unique, instantly downloadable e-books, you will get tons of free tips on how to score with women faster than ever.  Find out what makes women tick, why do they choose the guys they do, and how YOU TOO can score with the woman of your dreams.

Most users have found that they have grown their penis a staggering 2 INCHES within 2 months of using Virilityex.  Whats even better, they are performing longer, harder, and with more stamina in the bedroom better than ever, and this has made a dramatic improvement in their lives.  Read my full Virility Ex review, and see for yourself how this penis pill can change your life.

Click Here to get started with Virility Ex

You can also check out this amazing site i found, male enhancement reviews.  It’s packed with tons of great reviews of the best male enhancement products on the market.

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Penis Growth and Virility Ex

Can Virility ex actually work for penis growth?  I get this question posed to me alot of times, usually through email.  I had a customer write me recently about where the link was to get his refill.  To keep him anonymous, we will call him Bill.

“hi, well i’ve used only one packet of 60 pills…whats for certain i have now a
stiff erection and can last 20 mins or till i wanna cum. i just ordered more…thanks”
Anonymous, sent to Virility Ex 1/24

This is proof that the product indeed does work.  I have spoken to this gentlemen before and he has been using the pills for about 3 months now.  Once you sign up for the lifetime supply of Virility Ex, you will be able to order as much as you like for the rest of your life.  If your looking to get more sex and feel better about yourself, these pills will help you.

Give it a try and see for yourself whether or not it can help you with enlarging your penis, and giving you more sustained erections.

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Virility Ex Results

Many men that have tried the new Virility Ex pills have had mixed results, as I receive several emails from both successful users and unsuccessful ones as well. It seems the consensus is the ones that follow the program accordingly have the best results. Virility ex comes with a light exercise program that should be followed precisely, and those that do not follow it usually don’t receive good results.

My experience with the pills has shown it to be effective in attaining all natural male enhancement and has give me results which i did not foresee before buying. To anyone on the fence about purchasing Virility Ex, I would suggest you give the free trial a try and see for yourself if it can work for you. If it doesn’t, you can simply return it and only pay the initial $7 shipping fee. It can quite possibly change your life.

If you haven’t check out my full review or would like more details, check out the home page to read all about it.

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Penis Enlargement Method Virlity Ex

Check out this video about a quick penis enlargement tip, courtesy of virilityex.biz.

The method he is referring to (don’t know who “he” is) is called Milking. This technique forces blood to the penis and expands the tissues and fibers. When you do this, it allows more blood to go into the penis during an erection. Try this trick out a few times and you’ll be sure to see results fast. Enjoy!

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Where Can You Buy Virility Ex?

Many people have sent me emails asking where they can buy virility ex, so i figured i would make a post about it.  Currently the only way you can buy virility ex is online, as it is not yet sold in any stores.  There are several stores looking to potentially carry VirilityEx in the future, including GNC, Vitamin Shop and Nature made stores.  Plans for sales in these stores are in the works, but nothing is set in stone as of right now.

If you really want to give Virility Ex a try, you should give their free trial a shot and see if it’s right for you.  You can cancel anytime in the fist 14 days (2 weeks), and you will only be billed a small fee of $7 for shipping.

If you haven’t already, take a look at my full review and testimonial and see if its right for you.

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Virility Ex Male Growth

What Would a Bigger Penis Mean For You?

If you have felt insecure about your penis for a long time, you need to read the rest of this page.  For a long time, I had a small penis, and it was destroying my relationships.  I never felt confident with women, and every time I got a girl in the bedroom, I just wanted to go down on her or feel her up, because I felt so small.  And I knew that they knew I was small, I just didn’t know what to do about it.  Then I came across VirilityEx.

The Virility Ex Male Growth system is a proven supplement that will increase the size of your penis with regular usage.  The pill uses a combination of herbs and all-natural extracts that increase the blood flow and oxygen to the groin area, which creates a larger member.

If you want to gain significant size in your penis, you need to have a combination of good diet, exercise, and a supplement that produces results.  Using a supplement, in addition to regular exercise and a nutritious diet, will lead to better overall cardiovascular health and virility.   The great thing about this program is they provide you with a light workout plan to help accelerate the process.

Take Control of Your Size, Order a Free Trial Of Virility Ex Today

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Male Enhancement and Virlity Ex

As much as I don’t like to admit it, my performance in the bedroom was anything but stellar.  For a long time, i thought it was just a natural thing, and really didn’t pay much attention to it.  Then my girlfriend at the time said to me that she was unhappy with our relationship.  I knew what she was upset about, I just didn’t want to admit it.  I knew I had to find a penis enlargement product, but i didn’t know where to turn to.

I came across an ad for Virility Ex when I was running a search for natural male enhancement pills, and was intrigued at the thought of using something all natural.  I was never a big pill taker, and wanted to try something that could give me that extra boost, and satisfy my girlfriend.  I read a couple of reviews and testimonials about Virility Ex and was hooked.

I decided to try out their free trial, and got my pills in the mail just a few short days later.  It took about a week before I started to see a difference, but then out of nowhere things really seemed to skyrocket.  I had ACTUALLY gained about 3 inches.  I was shocked, and amazed at the same time!  Not only was I happy I came across it, my performance in the bedroom became nothing short of spectacular.

Virility Ex was specifically designed to give you an all natural male enhancement experience, and they weren’t kidding.  With a proven combination of herbs, vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants, it’s no wonder Virility Ex is the #1 natural erectile dysfunction pill on the market.

Click Here for your Free Trial.

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